About us

Childcare is an important decision for you and your little one. Often there are many reasons why we choose one provider over another. This website and accompanying iPhone and Android Apps aim to provide you with a comprehensive database of all licensed childcare providers within New Zealand. You can find providers close to you and search for providers based on the type of provider or even their care philosophy.

Our listings have been sourced from the Ministry of Education’s database. We have made every effort to ensure the listings are accurate, if there is an issue with a listing please contact us. Similarly if you are an Early Childhood Service Provider and need a listing please contact us. You can contact us through the Contact Us page on this website.

Our Pricing.

Basic Listing (Free)

This listing uses a simple red marker and will display your service name and show your location on the map.

Enhanced Listing (from $12+GST per month*)

This listing will display a marker based upon the type of licence your service operates under. (A key is on the home page of this website under the map.)You can add images, contact details, staff qualifications and ratios, care philosophy, keywords, or any other information you want.

Logo Marker Listing (from $19+GST per month*)

This listing has all the benefits of the Enhanced Listing and allows you to upload a logo or image of your choice which will act as your marker on the map on the App and the website.

(*Based on a prepaid 24 month contract)